July 31, 2012

Past, Present, Future

Carrie Underwood just came out with a song named "Blown Away." It's really about a girl with terrible parents, but the chorus relates to the way I feel about my past. So, I'm going to get cheesy here and put the chorus lyrics up.

"Shatter every window 'til it’s all blown away,
Every brick, every board, every slamming door blown away
'til there’s nothing left standing,
Nothing left of yesterday
Every tear-soaked whiskey memory blown away,
Blown away"

Now that high school is over for me, I look back and realize how much pain I was going through. There was always a problem with the ways I did things, there was always something wrong with me. I surrounded myself with the people who I thought accepted me for who I was, but really, I changed myself to fit what they wanted from me. The only people that I could be myself with, were the people that I pushed away. I regret it everyday but there isn't anything I can do about it now. So the purpose of this blog is for me to say this: This is the last time I talk about my past. This is the last time I look back and regret things. What's done is done. The Haley I am now, the blunt, awkward, moody, crazy, shy, nerdy girl, is the real me and that was the last time I change myself for anyone. I'm truly happy now and can only remember one time that I was happier than I am now. (And that time would be the time that I got to eat a dozen doughnuts by myself. But let's be honest, who wouldn't be happy if they could eat a dozen doughnuts.) So in the words of Carrie Underwood, this is me shattering the windows of my past.

Today, I taught my sweet puppy how to sit on command. Wanna see him? He's super cute.

Ya'll thought I forgot to say my catch phrase. Silly. Of course I didn't. Checkmate, ya'll.

Virtual High Fives All Around

Guys, put your phone or computer down and give me a virtual high five. This weekend, I actually talked to boys at the beach. I'm not becoming a cat lady! :D (It's a shame though, I was getting pretty good at my cat impersonations. Meow.) However, what I did find is that I'm not interested in dating anyone right now. I joke about how I need a man, but the truth is, I'm an incredibly strong person on my own. (I don't say that to be cocky, but to point out my independence.) I know deep down that one day, I will fall in love again and find the man I'm meant to marry, but being single and on my own forever really doesn't sound that bad. I'm happy being alone and being the third/fifth/seventh wheel on dates. I guess everyone has to go through a single stage at some point. I have the best friends in the world who stick up for me no matter what. I have God. I have an amazing family. I'm healthy. I have a car. I have a job. I have a home. What else do I need? I'm one lucky single girl and I like it that way.

This weekend, I thought I was athletic enough to skim board in front of a group of cute boys.

I was not athletic enough. Checkmate, ya'll.

July 24, 2012

Bullies and Britian

I've been thinking a lot about bullying lately. (No, I'm not considering bullying someone, just keep reading.) Who hear is guilty of bullying someone? I guarantee that everyone reading this blog, and everyone not reading it, is. I remember being raised as a little girl and always being told that if anyone was bullying me, I should stand up for myself. (My dad actually said that I should hit them in the face with a tree branch, but you get the picture.) Because I was extremely shy, I faced some bullying from kids, but not really all that much (probably because I didn't talk to anyone.) Then, when I hit middle school, I'm one hundred percent positive that I became a bully. For the most part, I had gotten over my shyness, I was a cheerleader, and I had guy friends. (In my head I was popular, but looking back.....I was just extremely weird.) Anyways, there were a few girls that I remember always, and I mean everyday, making fun of. Not to their face, but behind their back. Finally, at the end of middle school, I got what I deserved and was left out by the popular girl in school. This point in time was when I became closest to my best friend, Savannah. Sidetrack here for a moment....Savannah is the reason that I am who I am today. Without her, I more than likely would have been an arrogant girl who ended up with no friends at the end of high school. She always kept me grounded. She doesn't know this, but she taught me that I should always be honest and loyal to my friends. There is not one time where she has betrayed my trust. (I almost wish she would so that I wouldn't feel so bad! Just kidding. Savannah, if you're reading this, don't do that.) Okay, now back to the point. So once I started high school, me and Savannah started hanging out with a different crowd than the so called "popular" crowd. Not that we weren't friends with those people, we just kind of had our own little group. So once tenth grade rolled around, I started dating one of my best friends (as most of you know already) and Savannah was trying so hard to not like her best friend, Logan. (Yes, I set them up, and I have never been prouder to say that. Savannah, I TOLD YOU.) Anyways, so throughout high school, I really only hung out with our little group. Although there are certain things I regret about my high school group, I know for a fact that if I could go back in time and change it, I wouldn't. That group of people is the reason that I have such a strong faith in God. I learned almost everything I know from them (and my parents, of course.) and I owe the world to them for that. Okay, I'm getting to my point, I promise. Throughout high school, I didn't deal with too much bullying besides the stupid high school drama that everyone has to go through. However, right there at the end of high school, I started experiencing it a little. I am in no way the victim of bullying, because I participated in it just as much as the other people did. SO, I've finally reached my point. I've been on both sides of bullying and I can only say this: If we would all stop and think about what we're posting on Twitter/Facebook/blogs/ect. and pretend that what we're saying was being said about us, there would be a lot less bullying going on. We don't realize how bad a post or tweet can hurt someone until it's being done to us. We should humble ourselves and realize that we've all made mistakes and that it isn't our place to point out other peoples faults. In the end, we're all the body of Christ, and when we cause someone to turn away from God because we're rude and hurtful, we're really only hurting God's cause.

I don't normally get this serious because I have the maturity level of a five year old, but this is something that has really been bothering me these last few days. Sorry if you don't like it, I promise to post a funny blog next :)

I'm not checking for spelling or grammar errors because I'm tired. Deal with it.

Today, I learned how to speak British. Yes, I now know that pavement pizza means vomit, knackered means tired, gobsmucked means shocked, and smog means kiss. My personal favorite was how to say "Back off." It is "ON YOUR BIKE." (Say that in an angry British accent. It is SO much fun.) That being said, Checkmate, ya'll.

July 22, 2012

Just a few thoughts

I had a few ideas for this blog but was feeling particularly wishy washy tonight, so I'm just going to put the bullet points in here and ramble about a few random things. Here's your chance to stop reading if you hate random thoughts!
  • At what point in life is it acceptable to just throw in the towel on dating and adopt some cute puppies? And why is everyone I know getting engaged while I just sit on my butt, read books, and eat too much food? Also, why am I so bad at having conversations with cute guys? (Here's typically how it sounds when I think I'm flirting. Cute guy: Hello. Me: Huh? What? Me? Really? You sure? Uhhhh, huh, hello.... Cute guy: Uhhhhhh...... Me: You have nice shoes." I'm sure you can tell that that does NOT work.)
  • I seriously want a British accent. If I had one, I would always say "You're a wizard Harry." (I've been reading those books too much.)
  • Honestly, people need to take grammar lessons. It's ridiculous. If I get one more text with "Idk", "Wassssup?", or someone incorrectly using to and too, I'm going to flip out. You got an education for a reason, use it.
  • Judging people based on what you hear is a terrible thing to do. I am really bad about judging people too soon, but recently I've had people judging me based on what they hear and they're completely wrong. For example, just because someone goes to a club doesn't mean they are crazy, drunk party whores. Maybe they're just trying to meet new people and hang out with their friends. A club is only bad if you make it bad. So don't judge people based on that. You can't know what's going on with someone based on rumors, wait until you get to know them.
  • I wish I hadn't been so quick to dislike people in high school. I put down so many people because they weren't like me. The truth is, just because someone isn't like you and may have made a bad first impression, doesn't mean that there isn't more to them. Give everyone a chance.
  • I've recently had to let go of a lot of resentment that I have towards certain people. And although I've let it go, it doesn't mean it's not still hard. But what I do know is that God has called us to love one another. So, that being said, I am working on letting go of the anger that I have towards this person and learning to love them regardless of the problem I have with them. That doesn't mean that I have to be their friend again, because nothing could fix what happened, but I do have to love them the way Christ does. We are all called to build His kingdom, and if we focus on that, nothing can stop God's will from being fulfilled. In summary of this, what I know is that I am going through an extremely hard time, but in the end, this is all for God's kingdom and I wouldn't trade that in for anything.
  • Which puppy is cuter? I love them :)

Today, I fell out of a blow up pool. Checkmate, ya'll.

July 17, 2012

You a DAWG

If my random and awkward title got you wondering why on earth I would name this post that, well here you go. Today, my family and I drove from the small town of Tiger, Georgia to the awesome and super cool town of Athens, Georgia. We started the day by getting into the brand new Honda Accord (traded in the mommy van for a cool new accord. Yeah, be jealous, my family rides in style.) and driving the hour and a half ride. When we got there, the men insisted on eating at the Varsity. Which, even though I shouldn't admit it, I loved. (I think I gained 900 pounds there though. You may now call me Big Mama.) At this point, just being in the atmosphere of the city had me excited! Once we got to campus, we walked around a lot and pretended we knew where we were going. My mom, who was accepted to Georgia but didn't actually go there (FSU alumni), thought because she COULD HAVE gone there, that she knew exactly how to get around the campus. (Insert major eye roll here.) However, we did manage to figure out where we were eventually. We passed all of the different schools and then finally found the College of Business. The building was literally the coolest building ever and made me super excited to start working on my AA so that I can declare my major in marketing. So basically, at that point, I decided that I am now going to be applying to UGA. Wish me luck! Once we did a bunch of hopeless walking around, we met up with a family friend who just started attending there this summer. He showed us around the baseball field, the tennis courts, and the dormitories. The best part about the tennis courts was the camp that was going on. The instructor was British, so I obviously insisted that we stay there for a while so I could listen and mimic exactly what he was doing. Don't judge me, British accents are quite fun to imitate. Go on, try it. Anyways, once we were done, we walked around downtown and then headed over to Simply Southern. For those of you who don't know, Simply Southern is run by one of my family members (family shout out here!) and is the most awesome girl's store ever. For the Tallahassee girls who are reading this, it's like Loli and the Bean, but a million times better. After that, we went home and ordered pizza. (I got to choose what we were going to eat, so naturally I chose the least nutritional item I could find in this small town.) After that, we just watched a lot of tv......so that was a kind of boring end of the day. I always know how to give a terrible ending to a good (well, at least it's somewhat not boring) story. So for those of you who had a boring day, just vicariously live through this story of my day....except the ending. Go read a blog that ends in an awesome night!

Oh, and also......I would not advice wearing a dress with quarter length sleeves in July when you know you'll be walking around in the heat all day. Because then you would smell like a dawg. Which brings me to my title, you a DAWG. (If you're still not understanding the puns, here you go. Georgia bullDOGS. I smelled terrible after sweating in my electric blanket of a dress so I smelled like a DAWG. See what I did there?)

Today, I managed to make it up the stairs in this mountain house without tripping or stubbing my toe. Checkmate, ya'll.

July 16, 2012

Do I really have to make a title for this?

Recently, I've discovered that I really enjoy sharing my thoughts with people. Of course, not every thought that I have can be published on the Internet, so this blog is simply the thoughts that I CAN share. Although my life is incredibly boring, I feel as if I should give a brief discription of who I am, and why I am the way that I am. First of all, I have incredibly bad luck. For those of you who watch movies, I would relate myself to the character who always has a problem. For example, in Harry Potter, I would be Neville Longbottom. In Bridesmaids, I would be Annie. In fact, my friends and I have noticed that I am exactly like Annie. She's single, her best friend is getting married (my best friend isn't getting married, but she did have engagement rumors going around because of a Facebook picture and a bad caption), her tail lights went out, my tail lights went out, and best of all, she works behind a jewelry counter. If you can't guess, I just recieved a job working behind the jewelry counter(which I am actually super excited about!) But regardless of this bad luck, I have a pretty amazing life. I have an amazing family who has supported me through every terrible phase of my life (and I've had quite a few lately), I have the best friends anyone could ever dream of, and I have the cutest and sweetest puppy in the whole world. (Honestly, Carrie Underwood had it right. "The more boys I meet, the more I love my dog.") Another thing that you should know about me is that I am an incredibly strange person. I spend most of my time watching and then quoting Saturday Night Live.I have a crush on Jason Sudeikis and a girl crush on Kristen Wiig. I read books like it's my job. I love all super hero movies (Spiderman in particular. There is just something so attractive about a nerdy kick-butt super hero.) I like to talk in strange voices to make people uncomfortable....which brings me to my next point. I am super shy and super awkward. However, if I know you well enough, or if I'm having a particularly great day, I'm much easier to talk to. So to wrap it up, I am a shy, super-nerd. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it, although now that I've read over what I've just typed, it's doubtful that you've finished this blog.

Oh, and also "Checkmate, ya'll" is the phrase that I say when I feel as if I've accomplished something great in life. For example, "I just ate an entire pizza by myself. Checkmate, ya'll." At the end of every blog, I'll be posting something I've accomplished and my KEWL new catch phrase.