August 4, 2012

My Feet Hurt

My workplace is apparently the place to be on tax free weekend. Today, I was forced to work in the dressing room, by myself, while hundreds of people tried on thousands of clothes. For those of you who have never worked retail, you have to sort the clothes into like forty different sections, all on separate racks, according to size, number value, and department. Also, all of the clothes have to be facing the same way. Although this probably sounds easy, try doing that while handling people coming in and out of the dressing room, making sure no one is stealing, counting the clothes to make sure none are lost, and you have one hectic hell hole of a dressing room. In short, the best way to describe my day is by telling this one story. I'm in the dressing room, completely stressed out, I have a mountain of clothes on the floor that is now stacked at least three feet about my head because all of the racks are full, and I'm trying to take care of the customers. So I pick up one piece of clothing off of the very top of my clothes pile and the entire thing falls over on top of me. I'm talking HUNDREDS of articles of clothing. Meanwhile, customers (particularly rude ones) are throwing their clothes onto the pile that is now on top of me. Then, I hear a little boy scream "MOMMY! That girl is dying under there!" At that point, I was on the verge of a break down. Luckily, my boss walked in, laughed at me for a good five minutes, helped me out of my pile and sent me to go get dinner. And guess what! I get to do it again tomorrow! Whoopie!

Okay, I lied. One last story. On my way back from dinner, I parked in the parking lot and sat in my car to finish eating. When I looked up, I saw this car coming down the parking lot aisle, pushing a buggy in front of the car. Alright people, come on. That is just pure laziness. Get out of the car and move the buggy if it's in your way, or just turn out of the way. It's not that hard. Anyways, my day at work was pretty awful. And that is why this blog is called "My Feet Hurt." I was on my feet from 3 to 10. Yay.

Now that I've told you about my day at work, here's what I was thinking about when I got home. Remember how I just told you that I don't mind being single? Well that's still the same, but I've found that I would be happier if I had about two more puppies and a guy best friend to rub my feet, give me fashion advice, and do my hair and makeup. Let's face it girls, deep down, we all want a gay guy as a best friend. Without those guys, there would be a lot of fabulous prom hairdo's that would have never happened. So does anyone know where I can buy one? (Just kidding, ya'll. Take a joke.)

Sorry this blog is so randomly thrown together. I'm tired and wanted to write something fast!

I have two checkmates.
1) Tomorrow is my last day at my first job! I got a much better job at downtown. It pays more, doesn't make me work weekends, or nights, and I get to sit at a desk. Checkmate, ya'll.
2)My mom sent me this text tonight. "What's that song that goes EVERYBODIES HANDS GO UP......AND THEY STAY THERE???" Checkmate,ya'll.

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