July 17, 2012

You a DAWG

If my random and awkward title got you wondering why on earth I would name this post that, well here you go. Today, my family and I drove from the small town of Tiger, Georgia to the awesome and super cool town of Athens, Georgia. We started the day by getting into the brand new Honda Accord (traded in the mommy van for a cool new accord. Yeah, be jealous, my family rides in style.) and driving the hour and a half ride. When we got there, the men insisted on eating at the Varsity. Which, even though I shouldn't admit it, I loved. (I think I gained 900 pounds there though. You may now call me Big Mama.) At this point, just being in the atmosphere of the city had me excited! Once we got to campus, we walked around a lot and pretended we knew where we were going. My mom, who was accepted to Georgia but didn't actually go there (FSU alumni), thought because she COULD HAVE gone there, that she knew exactly how to get around the campus. (Insert major eye roll here.) However, we did manage to figure out where we were eventually. We passed all of the different schools and then finally found the College of Business. The building was literally the coolest building ever and made me super excited to start working on my AA so that I can declare my major in marketing. So basically, at that point, I decided that I am now going to be applying to UGA. Wish me luck! Once we did a bunch of hopeless walking around, we met up with a family friend who just started attending there this summer. He showed us around the baseball field, the tennis courts, and the dormitories. The best part about the tennis courts was the camp that was going on. The instructor was British, so I obviously insisted that we stay there for a while so I could listen and mimic exactly what he was doing. Don't judge me, British accents are quite fun to imitate. Go on, try it. Anyways, once we were done, we walked around downtown and then headed over to Simply Southern. For those of you who don't know, Simply Southern is run by one of my family members (family shout out here!) and is the most awesome girl's store ever. For the Tallahassee girls who are reading this, it's like Loli and the Bean, but a million times better. After that, we went home and ordered pizza. (I got to choose what we were going to eat, so naturally I chose the least nutritional item I could find in this small town.) After that, we just watched a lot of tv......so that was a kind of boring end of the day. I always know how to give a terrible ending to a good (well, at least it's somewhat not boring) story. So for those of you who had a boring day, just vicariously live through this story of my day....except the ending. Go read a blog that ends in an awesome night!

Oh, and also......I would not advice wearing a dress with quarter length sleeves in July when you know you'll be walking around in the heat all day. Because then you would smell like a dawg. Which brings me to my title, you a DAWG. (If you're still not understanding the puns, here you go. Georgia bullDOGS. I smelled terrible after sweating in my electric blanket of a dress so I smelled like a DAWG. See what I did there?)

Today, I managed to make it up the stairs in this mountain house without tripping or stubbing my toe. Checkmate, ya'll.

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